Thursday, July 3, 2014

Ella Enchanted plot

Ella of Frall was given the gift of obidiance. Ella has some difficulties with the gift. One day her mother dies of a sickness. Years later Ella is all grown up her father remarries to a rich woman and whith her 2 spoiled childern Hattie and Olive. Soon Hattie and Olive realizes Eella's gift. Hattie and Olive are obssed with Prince Char. They made Ella steal many things as well as a glass slipper. Ella runs into Prince Char.  Ella goes on an adventure to find the fairy who gave her the gift amd ask her to take it back. She bumps into Char again and later falls in love with him. They have a elf with them named Slannen. They go on a epic adventure. They arived at the castel. Edder the prince evil uncle were spying on Ella and Char. Prince Char wants to propose to Ella. His uncle makes Ella kill Char with a dagger. When Char asks Ella to mary him. Ella with the dagger in her hand almost stabs Char but she shouts," You will no longer be obident!" Char sees the dagger Edder who were spying on them order the gards to take her to the dungen and exacute her. Slannen and the giants, elfs, and ogers saved Ella. Ella saved Char from being poisened by his uncle. Edder with his greed put on the poisened crown and collapes. Char asks Ella to marry him and she says,"now that I'll do"  it all ened with a song and dance!
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